Volunteers are a vital part of our library organization! We are always happy to have volunteers that are willing to share their skills with us.

Becoming a volunteer is easy!

  1. Review the Volunteer Policies and Guidelines document.
  2. Fill out the Volunteer Application and return it to library staff.
  3. Applicants will go through a brief screening process to make sure you are a good fit for our organization.  Volunteers will be contact by a librarian to determine their acceptance into our volunteer program. Orientation and training will occur on-the-job.

Groups and organizations that are looking to volunteer should contact the library directly. 

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Please review our volunteer positions available to the community below.  Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list of duties and volunteer tasks.

Library Assistant

Purpose:  A volunteer library assistant will serves as an assistant to the regular library staff.  The library assistant will do a variety of tasks to assist in normal library functions.


  • Shelving books
  • Assisting patrons
  • Sorting through donations
  • Pulling books from the collection
  • Decorating the library for holidays
  • Database entry
  • Dusting bookshelves
  • Book repair

Time Commitment:  Commitment is flexible, at least one hour of service required.

Restrictions:  No criminal history with vulnerable populations (youth, elderly, special needs, etc.).

Program Assistant

Purpose:  A program assistant will serve as an assistant to librarians and community organizations that host educational sessions, programs, book discussions, computer classes, Story Time, Summer Reading program, Book Fairs, etc. at the library.


  • Event planning
  • Preparation and clean-up of the meeting room
  • Serving refreshments
  • Teaching and assisting in programming
  • Creating and designing materials for programming
  • Reading stories and helping with recreation or crafts
  • Child care
  • Working fundraising events such as the annual Book Fair and Book Sale

Time Commitment:  Time commitment varies depending on event; time commitment can vary from a few hours to several months.

Restrictions:  No criminal history with vulnerable populations.

Library Beautification Volunteer

Purpose:  This type of volunteer will use their specialized talents in order to make the library a more comforting and welcoming environment for patrons.


  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance, painting, and repairs
  • Carpentry
  • Murals, photography, and other artwork
  • Deep cleaning as needed
  • Special projects

Time Commitment:  Usually several hours to several weeks varies depending on the project.  Time commitment is flexible.

Restrictions:  Volunteer health issues that may affect the ability to get on ladders, heavy lifting, manual labor, etc. Youth volunteers should be supervised and given age-appropriate tasks.

Media and Technology Volunteer

Purpose:  These volunteers will use their skills with technology to build awareness of the library, create promotional materials, and assist with technology classes.


  • Assisting patrons with computers
  • Teaching or assisting with technology classes held at the library
  • Creating website and social media updates
  • Newsletters, brochures, recruitment materials, and other print materials
  • Photography

Time Commitment:  Flexible with the ability to work with deadlines.  Good opportunities for episodic or virtual volunteers.

Restrictions: Need volunteers that are reliable and can dedicate the time to work from home, if needed.

Fundraising and Grants Volunteer

Purpose:  Fundraising and Grant volunteers will work to raise funds for the library’s use. These volunteers will work closely with the library director to make sure qualifications are met and legal policies are followed.


  • Fundraising from idea conception to implementation
  • Grant writing
  • Editing
  • Accounting
  • Creation of reports
  • Recruiting other volunteers to help with fundraising efforts
  • Working fundraising events like the annual Book Fair and Book Sale

Time Commitment:  Extensive time commitment, may be sporadic throughout the year.

Restrictions:  Any criminal history, especially involving finances.  The volunteer must be extremely trustworthy and reliable and over the age of 18.  Volunteers are highly encouraged to have experience in these areas.